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Flying Mobs.. Because why not?

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    Floating Mobs | A Fun Lobby Plugin - Flying Mobs.. Because why not?

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  2. a small idea, (cause i like the plugin)
    could u make:
    when u punch a sheep, it will change to a random color?

    would be awesome,
    keep up with ur good work! ;)
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  3. Yeah I think I could add this :)
  4. yeay thanks! :D
  5. Does the plugin in its current state do nothing when you hit NPC's? I don't think there is much demand for floating NPC's. (If even possible)
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  6. So pretty much the sentinel mobs do not float. It would be nice to have an option if you want this sentinel to float. I pretty much would like the plugin being intertwined with sentinel to not use the names (Citizens does that) and pretty much only assign sentinels that have the permission to float.
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  7. Sure maybe, if I can xD
  8. Can I set what worlds this will be applied to via config?
  9. Not currently, I can get that added for the next update though.
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