Spigot Better FlyTime | aSkyBlock, ChatReaction and JobsReborn Fly. 1.8

Ability to buy Limited flytime & ChatReaction/JobsReborn Hooks which allow fly rewards

  1. Add Particles . Beautiful.
  2. For when fly is first activated right?
  3. Wow~ Wow~ Really exciting XD
    Great plugin. I can carry it to www.mcbbs.net
    There will be more people to know it to use it,
    I translate it rapidly into Chinese,And let them to download here
    I will update with you,
    Is that ok?:p
  4. Greetings,

    I saw this plugin's name, and assumed it was an updated/better version of the "FlyTime" plugin. The basis is the same, where time is used to fly, though I have a question. Would it be possible to have actionbar messages be used for flight time like in the other plugin? (even if this plugin is in no way related) I just find that option/feature extremely useful, so users get updated real-time remaining flight time on their actionbar.

    Also, this plugin looks amazing, great job! I'll be testing it out tomorrow, as it is a tad late for me at the moment.
  5. Never seen the other flytime plugin before, I guess this is like a generic plugin idea. I can look into actionbar notifications.
  6. Thank you very much~ Also, I just tested the plugin, and it works very well. Wonderful job. I do have one more small suggestion, or request to make. Do you think it would be possible to either have an option, or permission, or config setting of some sort to have the flight time be stored? Like for example, a person bought 5 minutes of flight time, and used 3 minutes of flight, then lands. Landing would pause or stop the flight, so if they wanted to fly again later, they could just fly again and resume the counter? As well as a command that could display remaining banked time, or stored time, etc. I know it may be asking a bit much, I just want a limited flight system that has some sort of resource drain (such as currency in this plugin) that would allow donors or VIPs, or so on the ability to fly, without it just being a permanent toggle for free once attained. Would you happen to know of a decent plugin such as that, if my request is too lofty?
  7. I'll look into it, not sure.
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    onDisable function added

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    New COMMAND /FlyTime Give NAME TIME

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  11. I suggest you when this work in timed perm for this type of fly maybe you can just add more than that? for example to be timed any perm i wnat? this will be amazing.
  12. Any good perm plugin has timed permissions. I cant think of one that doesn't have it.
  13. Ok thank you i use PermissionsEX but only timed perms not work i know there is LuckPerms but i will never go to LP :D but nevermind this plugin is cool maybe you can add a visible border for ASkyBlock too? or just a separate plugin.