Better moderation for Plugin reviews.

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  1. Since I moved over to spigot years ago from the bukkit forums, I have found the lack of moderation of plugin reviews moderately irritating. I understand that with the vast amount of plugins this is obviously a difficult task, but there needs to be a better system. So what's wrong with the current system and how do we fix it going from here? Simply put, the end users are generally dumb. You'll have user A install said plugin B without following the instructions. When the plugin fails to work, they go and leave a one star review with a shitty comment on the developers site. I can't tell you how many times I've had this happen. You'll also have people write negative simply because they don't like features of the software. Such as the following instance:


    In my case, this was a requested feature which was rather popular for many individuals.


    Really? Million reasons why that could be!

    The phrase, if you don't have anything helpful to add, don't add at all could apply here. In all instances of my reviews I have asked for any issue to be messaged to me directly, otherwise I may not see it right away. I have no problem with criticism as long as it's valid within the situation. If there were any issues with a review, these individuals got support straight away.

    There used to be a report option on any review left, but that is now gone. Where'd that go?

    Maybe a set of rules could be defined for developers that if a review falls under one of these defined conditions that It can be disputed and removed.
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  2. The report function for reviews was removed because of resource owners misusing it. If you're certain that a review deserves moderator attention, you can report your own resource with a link to the review (click the review's post date, the url will change to focus on the review and can be copied).
  3. Some users are simply idiots. Better learn to deal with it.
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  4. Strahan


    I agree those are dumb reviews, but as you do not have any premium plugins I'm curious as to why you even care? As MrDienns said, some users are idiots. Life's too short to stress over some moron leaving a bad review on a plugin that isn't even premium. If it bothers you, leave a comment on the review pointing out the idiocy of said review then move on.
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  5. idk review is where you write your opinion on resource. User rated his experience with your plugin 2/5 and it's not his fault that site requires him to write something.
    I agree that their behavior looks dumb but you can act smarter and ignore it.
    No adequate person will care about such poorly written reviews, you won't lose attention to your plugin (if it's any good to start with) because of childish reviews.
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