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    BetterRealism - Features to help make MC feel more realistic

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    Bird Eggs, FrostBite & SugarRush

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  3. Better realism... and you can break your eyes trying to read that red text...


    Excuse me my sarcasm, but it's true..

  4. By default its green, however I made it so that its whatever the players colour is in-game. So for example on my crappy test server I have essentials and i'm opped so it picks Red. So on a live server, it'll be whatever they feel good enough to be their respective colour.

    So yeah, I agree red is a bad colour. But the plugin doesn't pick red. Its just what happens to be my name colour on the server I took the screenies on. If you dislike the colour, make sure its not your name colour for everything else. AKA Pex or ChatManager plugins.
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  5. Very well done plugin with a great idea behind it. The sad thing about that plugin is that I started to work on something very similar days ago, before the plugin got published. It has some extra features and more options, but gets really close to your plugin. I hope you won't get angry at me when I publish my own plugin, which is something similar to yours.

    - Michey
  6. Course not, it'd be pretty dumb to claim any kind of concept as your own 5-6 years down the line of plugin development xD

    I'm just making these kinds of plugins to as a learning experience, maybe when your plugin is live we can help each other out. Maybe more so me than you because it looks like you're further ahead than me coding wise :p I'm still pretty new to java.
  7. I like someone tries to create new game features, instead of making a plugin which already exists. :3
  8. Thank you for the kind answer. Have a good day and good luck with your plugin :)
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  9. Might I suggest Seasons?
    Understandably, Seasons may be quite a request, but seeing as how very few plugins actually have this feature I believe it would be awesome for your plugin.
    Furthermore, is it possible to add natural disasters? Now, I'm not asking for Tornadoes and Earth tilting Earthquakes (although those would be awesome and if you can do it, go for it) but if Seasons can be added, perhaps deadly winters that cover entire biomes in thick layers of snow and last for longs periods of time, or horrifically bad summers that cause trees to lose their leafs and cause strokes after being in them to long.
    I don't know if this can be done or not, but if it can that would be amazing!
  10. Nice plugin! Very simple plug and play. Adds nice new features to the survival experience.
    My wish list for the plugin (which of course is just my personal hopes for it!)
    • Be able to choose length of nausea for starvation - and to remove the nausea once the player has eaten
    • To be able to decide if you want to drop the bones and the head, or just the bones (I use another plugin which drops textured player heads upon death, so the bones are a nice touch but a bit odd having two skulls drop! :D)
    • To be able to edit the formatting of the bone/skull names myself, to be able to make the colour scheme of the item names fit my server better with other items/plugins.
    • Ability to keep the sticks but disable the bird eggs.
    Overall though, very nice job!
  11. Looks like this is all do-able, I'll start implementing them :)
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  12. Thank you! :D
    Oh by the way I think you misunderstood by review, I said it does give you options to disable anything, not that it doesn't. :p
  13. Ah, I misread it completely lol xD I fixed my response.
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  14. Absolutely love the new update! :D
    I know its cheeky to ask again but well once a chancer always a chancer lol, will we be able to choose our own colours and formatting for the bones and skull drops?
  15. Yeah, I'll get that working for the next update.
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  16. Is it possible to have a list of blocks that cause the damage upon hitting them? It might be a neat feature to be able to determine your own list, as I noticed for example it hurts when hitting stone but not cobble stone, or anvils.

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