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  1. Resources can currently be sorted by one category and sorted by update, submission date, rating, downloads in title.

    Categories aren't particularly helpful as the categories are very broad (chat, transportation, tools and utilities, misc)

    The sorting options each maximize visibility for a small subset of plugins available on the website.
    • Submission date maximizes visibility for old plugins, many of which will be outdated/abandoned.
    • Updated date maximizes visibility for recently updated plugins, not necessarily high quality ones.
    • Downloads maximizes visibility for popular plugins. This isn't terrible but still falls into the trap of having many outdated/abandoned plugins.
    • Rating maximizes visibility for plugins with 4-5 stars, this is heavily biased towards new/unpopular plugins with few ratings, as you'll commonly find plugins with fewer than ten reviews, all 5 stars.
    This doesn't make it easy to browse interesting, high quality plugins. It also doesn't make it easy for new developers to get their work noticed. This could be corrected by adding further optional filters.

    An example would be filtering plugins with between 4 and 5 stars, greater than 50 downloads and updated after June 24th when the announcement about 1.16 builds was made on the home page. With just those filters you can be find search results that:
    • Have been tested a few times and likely aren't just being promoted by the creators artificially
    • Maintain a decent rating with users
    • Most likely has been updated for 1.16 and definitely isn't dead.
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  2. Phoenix616

    Resource Staff

    Do you by any chance know of a xenforo addon which adds that kind of searching/filtering to the resource manager? Otherwise one would have to be made and more often nobody has the free time for that. (I guess someone could "just" create an open source one)
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  3. I'm a C# dev not a PHP dev but I'm fairly certain I could create that functionality, what XF plugin provides the resource catalog functionality? Is it Media Gallery?