Bukkit Better Shops 2.1.2

The Revolutionary Shop Plugin

  1. How come there is no NPC option?
  2. dwi


  3. Spigot should let someone take over this resource on here. :)
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  4. Please take this resource over!
    It is one of the best Shop plugins!
  5. Does anyone know if there's a 1.13-compatible version for this?
  6. yes please tell me there is someone with the resource updating this as we speak I would really love to see this on my server it looks amazing and way ahead of its time
  7. dwi


    Plugin is filled with bugs and exploits allowing users to generate infinite amount of money. Not sure how exactly, so I couldn’t fix it properly. I strongly discourage anyone from using this plugin at this state.
  8. has it just been you working the bug repair?
  9. dwi


    Yes, but I don't know how exactly they managed to generate infinite amount of money using the BetterShops so I was not able to fix that, so the bug/exploit is still there.

    All I know is that it needs 2 players, one opens the shop (and probably do something) and the second one uses the shop and get free money. Wasn't able to detect what exactly were they doing and how.

  10. have you tried npc restrictions so the particular merchant when a player is interacting with it cannot be disturbed so there is no menu option or availability to the adjacent player?
  11. dwi


    @Nosneros Nope, NPC implementation in BetterShops is bugged as hell.
  12. Thats too bad, I wish I could do more to help! this plugin is wonderful when it worked.

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