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Essentials SocialSpy replacement

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    Better SocialSpy - Essentials SocialSpy replacement

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  2. So if they do /mail send how will it appear? I suggest instead of making it look like an msg it should be [SocialSpy] &7Player: /r msg here you know?
  3. Very nice! :)
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  4. I'm currently changing it a bit so it supports all the commands that Essentials supports in their socialspy.
    It will be changeable in the config too, just like essentials, so it will on that part act the same.

    After I saw the list of commands that essentials is catching, I realised I need to handle mail differently,
    I am working on it, and I'll keep you updated on the progress ;)
  5. Is this plugin still updated? 1.10
  6. For both 1.10 and 1.11 :)
  7. Little update guys!
    A friend of mine, under my supervision, will continue updating this plugin :)
    Expect some updates soon, and if you have any requests, please ask them ^^

    - SubSide
  8. Mmm but with Better SocialSpy, can we disable the usual spigot and essential social spy? else it's appearing double times.
  9. The idea is to not use essentials socialspy at all, my plugin should overwrite its command.
    Is that what is causing the double messages? Because otherwise you should just use /essentials:socialspy to disable essentials one :3
  10. Like example it will show as:


    (that's not Better Socialspy yet) but just an example.

    I believe one spy is from OP status.
  11. Yeah, I guess you need to disable all other plugins that do such a thing like listening to private messages.
    My plugin would not be able to block their messages :3
  12. Oh. But yours will override Essentials one eh?

    Do you know how disable default OP spy?
  13. Is that a thing now? x)
  14. cam


    I am running a server in 1.8.8....
    I have tested out your socialspy by using /socialspy on an op, and used /msg through 2 de-opped players, but the conversation hadn't shown on the op players chat.
    Is there a problem I am having?
  15. That's weird. Are you using the default config?
  16. cam


    Yep.. redownloaded the plugin several times and still didn't work...