Spigot BetterBowTrails - GUI - Shop - Customizable 2.1.0

Expand your Bow Trails into any Particle! Customizable GUI, Player Storage and Economy!

  1. Yup :) no more dependency!
  2. @samuel05, I will not respond to your review, the review section is not a place to post bugs, please delete your review and discuss the issue here or on the wiki :)
  3. @SuperRonanCraft You forgot to take the depend out of plugin.yml. Any servers will the jar wont be able to load BetterBowTrails if they dont have the depend (that you said you removed)

  4. Been trying to setup the permissions and I am lost.
    Im trying to give donators all the trails free. Firstly, betterbowtrails.all.menu does not work as it does not actually give the child permissions you listed, so I added all the child ones instead.
    I finally got it so /arrow opens the menu, but all the trails say Allowed:False. Documentation claims permission betterbowtrails.all would assign them, but it does not.
    What permission will give access to all of the trails?
  5. @SuperRonanCraft,

    The %trailNoColor% placeholder doesn't work and could you implement these trails for other projectiles (egg, snowball, etc.)?
  6. The %trailNoColor% I believe was removed as it was quite useless and had way too much code behind the idea. If I was going into other types of projectiles I might as well make another plugin as I would have to either make all projectiles have the same trail or take a month to make another plugin. Either way, the version of the plugin that is on my computer is no longer suitable as the same plugin as there are tons of changes, I will do a full plugin upload once I get everything done, which is no where any time soon :(
  7. Alright, thanks for the response.
  8. btw.
    Feature request:
    How about, if instead of the default "explosion" particle, when an arrow lands with "explosion mode enabled" a bunch of particles come out from where the arrow landed or even "hit particle animations"... :thinkery: actually that would be a cool feature (particle animations when an arrow lands), but it will take a lot of time :c
  9. Hello please update to 1.13.1 !^^
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  10. 1.13.1 compatibility please?
  11. How can I set someone's arrow effect from console?
  12. BetterBowTrails is currently using a deprecated method to hook into PlaceholderAPI. Placeholders for that plugin no longer work. Please consult [] and urge them to update it ASAP.
  13. I have given players - betterbowtrails.all.menu, but when they try use the bow menu it says "Sorry! You don't have access to this!" What am I doing wrong?

    Edit: Seems you have to add the permissions separately, as the all doesnt work sadly.
  14. May I know where the permission list is? Thanks!
  15. Should be:
    - betterbowtrails.use
    - betterbowtrails.use.menu