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    BetterDrops - 3D drops with name tags. Could it be any better?

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  2. This looks awesome for RPG servers for like rare drops, but seriously... $5 for just this?! overpriced in my opinion
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  3. soo... if i drop an item will this plugin take action and place it on the ground?
    if so what happens when i die with an inventory full?
    and if so, can we pick up the items just by going close to them?? :D
    sounds pretty interesting,
  4. There are other plugins that do similar things for the same price.
    I made the plugin to replace UltraDrops, which has many issues, all of which this plugin has solved (Duplication bugs, server lag, 1.8.3 support). BetterDrops also allows you to show name tags on item drops.
    Also, you'd pay a lot more for a privately made plugin that does the same thing. $5 really isn't much.
    Yes, drops are placed on the ground and can be picked up.
    If you die with a full inventory there will be a lot of drops, but not enough to cause any client or server lag.
  5. NullBlox


    Can you please add ITEMHOLO support.
    I use it to display the item names as holo-displays.

    I would love to have the 3d items and my special tags and colors Ive made.

    Great Plugin!
  6. I could add a custom default item name section like ItemHolo has, would that be enough?
  7. NullBlox


    ... Not really...
    See I also use color codes and Unicode in anvils to change item names and lore.
    An use a Crackshot for guns. That also renames the item and makes it color coded.

    So just letting me color them will not work. They need to be 100% changeable in game.
    All my players can use Unicode fonts and Emotes. Also the guns would all need to be configured again in that kinda addition.

    ItemHolo already hooks into CS and works with coloring items in Anvils.
    Thanks for at least thinking of it.


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  8. So if an item has an existing custom name, it should be used instead? I could easily add that.
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  10. Ruan updated BetterDrops with a new update entry:

    BetterDrops 1.2

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  11. NullBlox


    Holy Hell!
    Now this makes the 3D Models I created really stand out!


    Maybe allow us to edit the axis of the blocks? As you can see some of my guns are in the ground.
    Just a thought.
  12. The plugin aligns items differently based on whether they're tools, blocks, or other items. I will add sections to the configuration later to allow this to be changed, but you can also put them on top of barrier blocks.
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  13. which pack is this it looks so cool :)
    and i agree it looks wicked with this plugin just kinda sucks that they can look kinda wierd like that):
    but i guess at least vanilla items all mostly make sense with there laying placements:)
  14. NullBlox


    The pack is called NullBlox, I personally created the 3D models for the pack.
    Its a work in progress. Thanks for taking notice of it!

    Thanks for even thinking to attempt a way to make the blocks different directions.
    I have options to make them different directions when creating them, but I have created them already to make the look
    right in item frames. So not sure if I can re-model the guns in the right angle with out conflicting with my itemframes.

    All in al this Plugin is FANCY, but you already know.

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  15. This looks pretty nice man :D
  16. Ruan updated BetterDrops with a new update entry:

    BetterDrops 1.3

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  17. Nice plugin, nice price, I'll be buying soon :)
  18. reallllly wanna see some new pics after ths recent update!! :)
  19. NullBlox


    You mean colors?
    I will be adding emotes and colors!