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  1. So impossible to make that 3D drops are disable by default ? :/
  2. Nope, not possible.
  3. You can't do an update to add this feature please ? :/
  4. Possible to adjust the height of the nametag above the item?

    Also, possible to have a setting to allow items to rotate/float?

    Thanks for such a cool plugin :)
  5. The nametag is not a separate entity (it's part of the armor stand) so it doesn't have an independent position or height.

    If you want regular floating/rotating items, you can disable 3D drops in config.yml and the plugin will simply add nametags to vanilla item drops.

    The plugin isn't designed to run toggled-off-by-default for technical reasons. It's not optimized for this particular scenario; it would waste all of the CPU used to initialize the virtual armor stands and all of the packets required to spawn the 3D drops, and then it would never send any of the packets to anyone, assuming > 99% of players don't toggle it on (default bias).

    Even if it were optimal, sadly I don't have the time to work on every single specific feature request. If more people wanted it, I would consider it.
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  6. For clarity, the nametag and the 3d item are using the same armor stand?
  7. Yes.
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  8. can u add more support language support or we can custom language of item drop?..

    Bc my member server is not using english in game..
  9. Item names can be changed in config.yml (custom-item-names) though it would take a very long time to do that by hand.

    The Minecraft server does not package any other languages, it's hardcoded to use /assets/minecraft/lang/en_us.lang.
    I don't think it would be legal for me to package Mojang's translations with my plugin.
  10. But if i using custom name.. some item have Custom name in game will not show.. it just show custom name on config.
  11. Fixed, renamed items will now override custom-item-names.
  12. Is there a way to make all items nametags above the items be silver colour or gray instead unless there custom named of course?
  13. As I said:
  14. Is there a way to stop the items from interfering with click registration? eg- you can't attack things or mine things or etc if the item is between you and the target?

    Also, is there a way to allow normal block physics to work with this? For example, you dig a hole 3 blocks deep, drop an item inside, when you place sand in the hole, the item now stays there. It should rise up.
  15. 1. Nope, invisible armor stands have hitboxes which can't be removed, unfortunately.

    2. Item physics do work, try dropping an item in flowing water.
    Sand is a bit harder to interact with, the item will be there but you might not see it or you might pick it up before you can see it.
  16. Hello there. I've found a big problem with BetterDrops plugin. Sometimes my players can't see their dropped items on death. Loot becomes invisible for some reason, so they are having a lot of problems with returning their resources.
  17. Should be fixed now, thanks for reporting this bug.
  18. @Ruan Can you make a feature where if you look at an entity it will display its name? This will use all the same formatting it already has, just another option.
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