Spigot BetterEnchants (1.8 Version) 1.3

OP enchants on items now looks better than ever!

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    BetterEnchants (1.8 Version) - OP enchants on items now looks better than ever!

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  2. Nice, you should add the option to show the number in roman numerals, like normal
  3. Going to try this, shortly.
  4. The 1.9 version has this feature, but I will add it soon.
  5. @Vexentric Love, love, love, love this plugin.. problem.. 1.8.8 incompatibility :( Please add 1.10.x, 1.9.x, and 1.8.x versions. My "suggestion" for the next update.
  6. I downloaded this and my enchantments are still the same and haven't changed, but I believe once the version is updated this will be fixed, otherwise I like the idea for this plugin.
  7. doesnt work for me either. 1.8.8 Spigot using viaversion (if that matters).
  8. The 1.9 version works for spigot 1.9 and 1.10.
    The reason his plugin doesn't work for you guys is probably because of the fact that it is missing reflection. I will fix this asap.
  9. Any errors?
  10. I think thee is an error, I know it doesn't show in-game, but because it isn't then the plugin isn't working for me either way:
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  11. I mean are there any errors in console?
  12. No console errors.
  13. Same problem here. still using the same meta "enchantment.level.500"

    I've been looking for this for quite awhile now. please fix, thanks.
  14. Still doesn't work.
  15. I tested it again on serveral different places and it still worked. The item doesn't update until it is used. This is probably the reason why you think it doesn't work. I can change it to update instantly if that is what you want.
  16. That worked for me. I didn't use the tool. Could you set it so it updates instantly? I would like to be able to use it for kits without players seeing the horrible preset meta.
  17. Please add this feature for future preferences :)