Beware FLUCTIS (Minecraft Server Hosting). They will steel from your credit card

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    I rented a 1 year Minecraft server with Fluctis and everything was fine. I paid the server 80% off because of a promotion. I cancel the service a week before the renewal of the contract but they still charged me (200$ without the promo) directly on my visa. I've been trying to get a refund but they keep ignoring me. Will probably never get my refund

  2. Cancellations
    All monthly services must be cancelled with at least 72 hours before the next invoice due date. All quarterly, semi-annually and annual services must be cancelled at leas 15 days before due date. You must have all account information to cancel and accounts must be paid in full before the cancellation will be considered complete.

  3. As the monthly service was cancelled before the invoice due date the OP should never been charged. @flado246 Take contact with your bank in order to initiate a chargeback against Fluctis as this is an unauthorized or a different type which I'm not so sure about it.
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  4. That is no monthly service it's annual.

    He canceled a week before -> 7 days before. For annual services it's 15 days.
  5. How far in advance of the due date do they send out the invoice? Unless it's 30 days, that's not enough time to cancel far enough in advance, and he should dispute it with the credit card company.

    I use "virtual" credit card numbers for transactions like this. They're unable to charge the credit card for the renewal.
  6. You can try contacting your bank / card provider. This is exactly why you don't give out your card details to random sites on the internet. To stay secure, you should use PayPal, and give your card details to only them. Every major and minor site accepts PayPal, except Amazon, which should be safe as it's a very reputable company, but otherwise if some site doesn't accept PayPal, it should be suspicious. If you really need to buy something on such a site I recommend using a prepaid card. You can get one from your bank, or there is PayPal Mastercard and PaySafe Mastercard.
  7. At least in Germany you need to cancel your contract 3 month before renewal. Otherwise your contract is extended by another year.
  8. Sorry for going off topic, but it's been yeaaars since I've entered credit card details directly to a site. It's always going through only 3 major services, like either paypal's side, something else, dutch bank services or stuff like that.. i never give it to a site, history has proven we can't trust companies or their employees.

    on topic, sucks that you got charged, while $200 might not be a lot to most minecraft server owners, it's a lot for me, it would screw up my rent for example. Just go to your card company and explain you received the invoice after the period you can cancel, have cancelled, still got charged, and are disputing the unauthorized purchase.

    Best of luck.
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  9. Well I got multiple servers with Hetzner (Germany) and have got no notification that I need to cancel a contract 3 months before renewal?

    Also those 15 days is really ridiculous as it is only a matter of clicking on a switch to cancel the server....
  10. Maybe next time dont go for a subscription ;D
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