Bungee - Spigot bGUI [Paid] 1.2

A clean, simple kit GUI.

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  2. I dont wanna be a ass. But some of the commands are already in essentials.

    And essentials is necessary for your plugin.
    And you even have to pay for it....
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  3. I totally agree with you, $7.00 for a plugin with commands that you can obtain from free plugins. Shaking my head, if you do continue this, please add commands that aren't part of a plugin that has over 1 million downloads and is free, add unique commands. Please do not buy this right now.
  4. New Plugin :)
  5. Updated to a new plugin :)
  6. I mean, im not going to buy this but im just trying to help you out.

    Might help posting some screen shots if your selling point is aesthetics.
  7. Alright thanks, Just a heads up I did this on my phone. Any tips besides that?
  8. If it had a unique point like the kit showing as unavailable after claiming it would actually be useful. Yet it doesnt, anyone can create a nicer version of this in ChestCommands and customize it easily :(