Suggestion Bidding for Plugins

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Should resource bidding be a feature?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. I was thinking maybe a subcategory of Premium resources.
    You submit your plugin, make the thread, then set the lowest price, and how much each bid can go up it.
    You must make a video of your plugin in action.
    @Z750 approves/declines the plugin, if your plugin and thread is approved, the thread becomes public, and people can bid on it. The persons PayPal is required. If the bid ends and the buyer doesn't have that money, (and haven't told the seller) the buyer is banned from Spigot for however long, and the bid continues.

    Once the plugin has been sold, the buyer pays and they get the plugin. The plugin may not have already been sold before, been up for download publicly, or been used on another server. The plugin must be unique. You can't sell a $50 minigame with a bid, then sell it on Spigot for $5 again.

    If you are wondering why they should be banned, people could bid $500 for a minigame when they only have $5, that will make the developer really happy. Then only to know he/she wasted his/her time.

    Tell me what you think about this suggestion!

    - Flo :D
  2. A) Is there a xenforo plugin for that?
    B) I can only see it ending badly honestly (On my phone so awkward to type, I'll try remember to list the reasons later)
  3. We don't wanna be that site of which the name starts with 'mcma' and ends on 'rket'
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  4. JamesJ


    Sounds like a cool idea.
    Probably wont happen though.
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  5. Took me a while to get that...
    I was thinking McMyAdmin + rekt to begin with...
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  6. saphiria


    Cool idea, probsably wont happen
  7. jflory7

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    Why not just make a Services & Recruitment post, then? If you're doing a bid type of auction and only giving away one copy of the plugin, I don't see why you'd need to do this in the Resources section.
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  8. Wait, so are we allowed to do bids in Services & Recruitment?
  9. jflory7

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    For developers "bidding" on buyer's requests? Essentially, yes, except it's all done privately.
  10. He means users bidding on a premade plugin I think
  11. Heh heh.
    Then how will the bids ever end? The highest bid means everyone has to pay that exact price?
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  12. jflory7

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    Like @Rendadus said, I don't think that it's that logical of a think to do. It makes more sense for multiple developers to bid on a single product; not multiple buyers bidding on a single product. I don't see anything like this that often with intellectual property.
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  13. Yeah, I find it strange too, but his original posts states exactly that...