Spigot Big Doors Alpha

Big, ANIMATED doors, drawbridges, portcullises, and more!

  1. I get this error with any type of door. There's nothing in the log file except from the database creation.
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  2. Hmm, that's odd. And if that's the only thing in the log, I assume that it's a fresh install of 0.1.5 and not an upgrade from a lower version?

    EDIT: Yeah, got it. Apparently, it happens on fresh installs. Will have a fix soon! Thanks for the report!
  3. yep, it's a fresh install.
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  4. Update is up!
    Database wasn't created correctly in a fresh install, so you'll have to let the database regenerate, then it should work!
  5. In the future can you add a system to open the doors auto when a players is forward please ?
  6. im sorry to ask.
    does the newportocullis or however its written have a alias.
    as currently i have to search how i write it every time i make a door :(
  7. Nope, it doesn't. You could use the GUI, though, I made it precisely for the reason that people didn't have to remember these commands :)
    Also, doesn't tab to complete help?
    If needed I could add an alias, but I don't really like /npc or /newpc :s
  8. I might add that at some point in the future.
  9. like i said just use /newdoor [n,db,p] for short versions normal/drawbridge/portc... its just a suggestion
  10. Some of the doors I create work, and some just spin in a complete circle and delete the wall. I don't think I am selecting parts correctly. Do you have picture examples of creation, besides the one on the overview?
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  11. Hmm, they shouldn't do that regardless of how you created the door. Would you happen to have Discord?
  12. Discord is [removed after adding]
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  13. redstone support fails. it doesnt open on powering the power block

    for the circle problem its the rotation point failing.
    first select the door then the bottom block of the first pillar next to the door to prevent that
  14. Given all the confusion regarding this plugin, I'll try to work on a video tomorrow. It really seems like that is much more important than any other feature right now. I tried to make it as easy as possible so I could avoid it, but I guess it's only simple and easy to use for those of us who wrote everything :p
  15. if you want me to do a review ask me :)
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  16. Haha, perhaps that might be a better idea when it's a bit more stable? :D

    And regarding the issue @Ashleyekm was experiencing, the issue stemmed from the plugin thinking stripped birch logs == Air. I know why it happens and how to fix it, expect a fix tomorrow!

    EDIT: Also, I'll add the optional "-p" flag to "/NewDoor <DoorName>", so it becomes "/NewDoor [-p] <DoorName>", with the "-p" indicating you're trying to build a portcullis. This command will co-exist with "/NewPortcullis <PortcullisName>"
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  17. hey can you add console command support so that i can use command blocks as the redstone is not working at all
  18. Certain commands (such as opendoor) are already working with the console, but I do want to add some more as well soon (tm).
  19. opendoor doesnt work... it sais that the door doesnt exists.
    i know why.
    it adds "" around the name when u enter it into a command block if you parse that and remove "" it works again in the command blocks