Big Network need help with hosting

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  1. Hey guys,
    I'm looking for a dedicated server that can hold like 300 players in 4 servers
    Survival, 2 Lobbies and Creative.

    What is your advice?
    Ryzen 9 3900X
    Ryzen 7 5800X
    Intel i7 7700k or 9700k

    Which one of those will give me the solution to hold this server, if you have a host recommend you are more then welcome to send a link here (EU please).

    Budget: 170$~
    RAM: 64GB (need to have option to upgrade to 128 in the future)
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  2. Since it can address the scale able 128GB you will need and likely would be within your budget.
  3. 3900x is enough for 5 server that will hold like 300 players?
  4. Most certainly if you are able to utilize all it's cores. :)

    Keep in mind though per instance wise you'll get much less but it's the matter just spinning up more instances as they begins to "fill" the main thread. :)
  5. And if i will go for the 5800x i will get better performance right?
  6. You would but it will probably be in the $240~ range which would not be worth it at all. For the performance gain you would get for it.

    Would be like upgrading a car from a 4 seaters to a 6 seaters but the 6 seaters is 80% more expensive than the 4 seaters.
  7. Dedicated servers at EU providers normally are a lot cheaper than the same configuration in US.

    Both of these CPUs are very good and should fit your needs. I would go for the 5800X as there are a few EU providers which offer it within your budget, even with 128GB RAM.
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  8. As for those providers, you'll probably want to go with Hetzner or OVH who both offer machines with the sort of specs you're looking for.
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  9. I love the OVH game servers honestly
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