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  1. Hey, so im fairly new to the whole WorldGeneration aspect of the SpigotAPI and was wondering how would i go about removeing / replacing one biopme with another. If possible without the use of nms but i can aways create a reflection class if needed. Thanks :)
  2. Its as simple as:

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                        world.setBiome(x coordinate, z coordinate, biome type Biome.BEACH);
  3. An example is:

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    BiomeBase.getBiomes()[] = BiomeBase.PLAINS;
  4. Is that all? With other plugins I've looked in they use the block populate event to check the biome and stuff, do I just use that in on enable or?
  5. Yep, that's it! All you have to do is put this in your onEnable, and everything should work. :)
  6. It is really not this simple at all.. I know this from experience.

    Trying to substitute like that will do bizarre and horrible things to your biomes. I do have a tutorial on customizing the world that covers how to actually do it without all your seas turning to solid mushrooms.
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  7. Can you link the tutorial? :)