BisectHosting – Is it worth it?

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  1. I’ve been considering PebbleHost for a while, but after some googling, they appear to be substandard, which, I suppose, is not a big surprise considering how cheap they are.

    I’ve seen lots of recommendations for BisectHosting. This server host is expensive, but they are only a Minecraft server host rather than offering other services, which means they’ll focus more on Minecraft hosting, and they also seem very professional.

    However, I want to be sure before I go all in and purchase a host for my server. To anyone who has used BisectHosting, do you recommend it, or should I go with a different host?

    I don’t know how many players I’ll get on the server, but I’m expecting 50–70. I’ll use 45–50 plugins. I’m also in Europe, so it needs to have a European location, which BisectHosting does have. I’m not looking for a cheap host like PebbleHost because cheap usually means sacrifices in other areas such as customer service, hardware quality, etc. I’m willing to pay well if it means good service, good hardware, and little to no outages.

    So, what hosting service do you all recommend?
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  2. Is there anybody here who isn’t affiliated with a server hosting company who can either tell me whether BisectHosting is a good choice or recommend me a different server host?
  3. I guess me. I've been a customer of Bisecthosting since December 2017. I'm very happy with their service. The up time is 100%, there's never any lag, and they respond to tickets very promptly. I needed them to make a MySQL server configuration change to accommodate a plugin, and they did it with no problems.

    I use a "premium" server (and that's what I would recommend you use), even though I only have 8 simultaneous players on a busy day. But I do have 40+ plugins. I was using a 3 GB server with 1.12.2, but switched to 4 GB for 1.15.; I'm considering going back to 3 GB. The server is located in Buffalo, New York. They recently upgraded the hardware to a system with 24 threads and 256 GB of RAM.

    Not sure what else to say. Bisecthosing reduced their prices recently. I think the service is worth it. I'd rather pay their price than save money and have problems with a cheaper host.

    I also have a web server with them, but it only hosts a couple of pages. It's pretty cheap.
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  4. Thanks for sharing! I’ll most likely go with BisectHosting.
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  5. I have heard great things about bisect altho I still think that they are a little overpriced but it is your money i know that RamShard is good Bisect is Good Apex is bad and Pebble is not great others are mostly not great MCProHosting is great support not great services unless you buy a really huge plan. There are alot of hosts and its all just a huge fight and guess at who is really the best. I have personally used All of the hosts that i listed above if you were wondering and in your standpoint and with that budget i think that bisect is probably a safe bet.

    Yeah... saw alot of people doing it and no-one really said anything about it so i just assumed it was ok.. I left the link in my signature so its not super obvious anymore but people still know that i have experience is that how it works??? Im still unsure is there are clearer rules section? But hey thanks for being kind and cool yall hopefully I helped a little with that list. Ok bye don't want to make this a garbage post xD
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  6. ExtraVM or TitanNode are my recommendations. :)
  7. You've probably already chosen your host. But your `I’m not looking for a cheap host like PebbleHost because cheap usually means sacrifices in other areas such as customer service, hardware quality, etc` is off from what Pebblehost actually is.

    I've been with pebblehost for about 4 months now and i can assure you we have had No lag, No RAM issues (we chose 5GB budget at first, then we started to get a few more players and we upgraded to 7GB budget)

    Now for customer service, they've got a discord with over 16,000 Members, There is ALWAYS atleast 3 staff online. And I've never seen the live average discord ticket reply time under 1 and a half hours. I've had one of my tickets answered in 16 seconds before, 16 SECONDS!!!!!

    Now for billing panel customer service, its slower - yet is still very fast compared to *cough* other hosts *cough*. The longest ive seen someone wait is 8 hours, but I've had my billing ticket resolved in 2 minutes before

    Now, I will admit maybe the Budget hardware isnt great - yet if you are willing to pay the extra for premium (which you state you are) i would go straight to Premium, the premium hardware is incredible.

    If you dont believe me about uptime, you should. The average uptime over the past 7 days (on EVERY single node they have, on all the webpages they have too) is 99.984% Which is incredible. They have public node stats at if you dont believe me.

    They have 12+ Nodes in AU, Exactly 500 Nodes in NA and 213 Nodes in EU.

    There is over atleast 250 people who would be willing to help you out in the Pebblehost Discord too.

    My one and only choice is with Pebblehost, They've achieved a large and incredible community and grown alot over the past few years since they were made.

    - Noah
  8. I have used bisect before. I had no issues and the server was not laggy.
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