BisectHosting premium or budget

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  1. I saw good reviews in this forum but the premium shared host seem to be expensive.

    My plan is to host a single server faction average 40 players ~ 60 with about less than 52 plugins.

    Anyways when I made my server I got in mind the optimization.

    Don't PM host offer.

  2. Premium. Due to the load that might occur you need a SSD
  3. I agree with Jesse, premium would work better for your needs. Budget is typically designed for people who want to play on weekend with their friends not large playerbase servers.
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  4. My dev server is budget and it provides everything I need for 99 cents. Highly recommend them.
  5. Celebrimbor


    Budget is not for hosting other players...maybe for a testing server with 1-2 people.
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  6. You can try Clovux. I have my own server hosted with them and it's running smoothly without lag. Link in my signature. Use my code for 50% off recurring payments.
  7. And is Bisect Hosting premium worth it? or there are better and cheaper options?
  8. Celebrimbor


    There are cheaper options, and I'm sure there are "better" options. The trick is finding a happy medium for your specific needs. Bisect is a very good option with high public opinion rankings.

    Bisect might be A+ for 30-50 plugins with 30-50 players, but maybe not so much 70 plugins with 200 players. Then again, any shared host would struggle with the latter conditions.
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