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  1. Do you use bitcoins, experiences?
    Is it a good idea to invest it now ?
  2. Heard that it's very unstable ;)

    (No actual experience for me)
  3. Tux


    Bitcoin is a giant pump-and-dump scheme that is bad for the environment.
  4. I like the idea but iam not sure if i should buy a btc.
    1 BTC is about 650€ o.0 a couple of months befor it was about 300€ ...
  5. why is it bad for the environment ?
  6. Tux


    It utilizes massive amounts of electricity
  7. ohh u mean the bitcoin mining.
    Thats true : /
  8. Told ye it's unstable xD
  9. which makes it interesting ;)
  10. It is interesting to read this discussion today. I've just found this thread and decided to add my answer, so sorry for disturbing it. As for the question about time for investment, I can recommend to look through the cryptocurrency news sites. I started using Bitcoin not long ago, I have recently surfed the Internet in the hope to find good sources to improve my knowledge and found such sites to be helpful. I should say, they are pretty good and help me to stay aware of the latest events on the cryptocurrency market.
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  11. Invest in Bitcoins. Wait 10 years and become rich. Easy;)
  12. You should be so LUCKY !!!

    I have seen this topic mentioned many times over the 25 years or so, and I remain sceptical.
    Someone always pays the banker !

    At best, if everyone made an apparent gain, World inflation would rocket !

    Therefore, any NET gains would be negated as everyone would be paying out increased living costs !

    In summary, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is !
  13. Bitcoins wont generate any more in year 2021. That mean it will become like gold. Price will slowely increasing.
  14. Nine0999

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    The bitcoin market is pretty niche, and most people don't invest into bitcoin itself anymore since it has been fluctuating between 8k-11k for a few months. Not a great experience from when I invested, even though I made money.