Spigot BitcoinsWallet 1.3

Bitcoins Currency wallet!

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    BitcoinsWallet - Bitcoins Currency wallet!

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  2. Great plugin. Although, big duplication bug.

    I can still buy xx amount of bitcoins even though I dont have enough money. But it still acts as if I bought them.

    Please fix this.
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  3. Thanks for finding this bug will be fixed today!
  4. Amazing concept LOL! Try and make this plugin 1.8 compatible! Funny thing is I actually do own 0.4 bitcoins xD
  5. Thanks! I will test it on 1.8 and make it compatible
  6. Literally such a fun plugin. I have been sitting here buying and selling constantly. Haha. Great plugin
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  7. Thanks mate !!!! <3
  8. Few suggestions (Because this is so fun)

    Use arguments for commands?

    Player Command
    /bitcoins send <player> <amount>
    /bitcoins buy <amount>
    /bitcoins sell <amount>
    /bitcoins value
    /bitcoins wallet (or balance)

    Administrator commands (I only thought of this because when I updated I lost my bitcoins)

    /bitcoins admin add <player> <amount>
    /bitcoins admin take <player> <amount>
    /bitcoins admin reset <player>

    Just suggestions, Happy programming!
  9. I will try it out. Im new to this java programming stuff :D
  10. Sure! If you ever need help, I am happy to help you out, just message me! :)
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  11. 4 a new plugin How do i make it so i can ride a pig without a carrot on a stick?
  12. pleaseeeee updatee