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  1. PyroTempus updated PyroFishingPro [1.13.X -1.16.X] [v4 Huge Update!] with a new update entry:

    General Changes

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  2. Feature Request
    I wanted to change the word "Entropy" across the entire plugin, but after altering all the config files, there are still parts of the gui which say "Entropy". Being able to customize that will allow variation across multiple servers.

    Bug #1
    Also, fish prices in the GUI are not changed according to configuration

    Code (YAML):
         #Sell prices of the fishes
    : 500.00
    : 1000.00
    : 5500.00
    : 15000.00
    : 50000.00
    : 100000.00
    : 250000.00
    Bug #2
    Changing the currency symbol in the config does not update lore of GUI or Custom Fish.
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  3. You can change the other symbols inside of the messages.yml - that goes for fish and other stuff that's not a bug.

    As for the sell prices, they should work fine. Looking at your config and the prices there that's correct.
  4. Hi there, how do I allow my players to fish in a particular world? I can see in config you have a place where you can deny a world but no place to include a world?
  5. Just deny all worlds you don't want them to be able to fish in.
  6. No I mean I have new worlds that they must fish in for example a custom nether world. but lava fishing is not working yet some fish are in nether only. So I must "add" world.
  7. Lava fishing isn't a thing. You can place water in nether biomes for users to fish in. And all worlds are enabled by default.
  8. A player reported an issue that clicking on any emerald in your inventory sells the fish in the sellall fish-bag inventory.
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  9. Fixed for the next patch.
  10. PyroTempus updated PyroFishingPro [1.13.X -1.16.X] [v4 Huge Update!] with a new update entry:

    Additions / Fixes

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  11. Hi, first of all, what an amazing plugin. I just love it. I do have some questions:
    1. it's great that everything can be changed into custom names. Only it's still "hardcoded" in every text. This means that if there comes an update of the messages file I can't do a replace all over, but I have to go through the whole file to change it manually everywhere.
      If you would create variables for Augment, Entropy, and bronze > platinum at the top of the message file, then it only had to be changed there when there is an update.

    2. I can't find a way to alter the fish menu. I really don't want that there are items there with "coming soon". I can use some custom gui plugin to create my own menu but then there is still an arrow back to the main menu once something has been opened with a command. Also if I add permission only for OP the player will see the arrow to go back to the menu (while they don't have permission).
      Could possibly the arrow be hidden if you don't have permission to /fish menu?
  12. You can disable back arrows in the config.
  13. omg. I am blind. right under my nose :). Great then that's solved. Thanks for the quick reply.

    Any thoughts on my first question?
  14. T
    The messages file gets automatically updated. Everything will be appended to the file without you needing to redo the entire thing. You will just need to translate the new messages at the bottom at the file. As for entropy and the tier names, that's planned for another update.