Blacklist now in effect??

Discussion in 'Drama' started by tnx_backslash, May 10, 2016.

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  1. So I just loaded up Minecraft (it had an update for every version it seems) and have noticed that a lot of the servers on the blacklist seem unreachable. These are the servers I have tested:
    TheArchon offline
    GotPvP offline
    PhanaticMC oflline
    Also the player bases on these servers are unusually low right now if you check out player counts on .org.

    Then I looked at PrimeMC who have disabled their web store and they are online. Also, DesiredCraft are online and are using a .xyz domain but if I am correct this is a new switch? So after looking at all of this I came up with one solution, Blacklisting is happening.
  2. Theres only 1 thing to do, steal the servers OG names.
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