Blackmagic request: Somehow removing unused chunks?

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by XZo, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. XZo



    We run a creative server and our server files total around 44Gb. I would love to get this lower without deleting actual builds. Our SSD is bursting and its making backup generation tiresome.

    We force users into fresh chunks via "RandomSpawn" plugin, this is to stop new players attempting to harass each other aka grief.

    The problem is, anyone who joins with that goal will simply spend 45mins flying around generating new chunks in their futile quest to find other people to annoy.

    The result is our stupidly oversized world filled with worthless chunks. I would not be suprised at all if 80% of the generated chunks that we have are junk.

    There are some outdated applications on google that sound like they used to work with flat land type worlds, eg they check if a chunk just contains grass + stone + bedrock, and if so nuke it. That would be ideal!

    How would you go about removing these chunks? Sadly, I will not be able to whip up a nice program to do it for me.
  2. joehot200


    Yeah. My world is over 20Gb large too. Would be nice if there was a soloution.
  3. Same problem for me, i think i will just wipe everything but preserve claims when 1.7 will come out.
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  4. XZo


    This looks extremely promising. Thank you!

    I am almost sure I ran it last year with total failure, but today it turned one of my 5Gb maps into a 1Gb map.

    Of course much more testing needs to be done before I can confirm it was a success (valid map no broken oddities etc).

    I encourage all of you wanting the same thing to help me test this :)
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  5. XZo



    Sample before + after info for two of my flat worlds

    (deep) All complete. Remain 1346830 - 1278339 = 68491 trunks. (total - toDelete = remain)
    (flat) All complete. Remain 4242647 - 3555363 = 687284 trunks. (total - toDelete = remain)

    I am only testing on my flat worlds but so far everything looks fine. Reduced map size, chunks regenerate fine (probably a different story for biomed worlds etc).
  6. LiLChris

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    1. Start working on a new spawn, for the next few weeks with a good amount of time.
    2. Reset the map for 1.7

    20gb world for <50 players is totally not needed.
    I have a 2.5k radius limit on my Faction server with a decent amount of players.
  7. joehot200


    Members want to keeps their builds/factions/etc. Understandable, i suppose. Also last time i did something that made many members think the map was reset, they all left.

    If i can reset without losing all my players, then i'll go for it, however i am worried that may not be the case.
  8. Will extending the current border when 1.7 release generate the new biomes etc, or will it cause problems?