Spigot Blasters 1.6.0

Sci-fi up that bow!

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    Blasters - Sci-fi up that bow!

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  2. Nice
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  3. Hi! does this plugin work with 1.8.8? also, Id love it if you made it multi-world compatible, like multiverse, so I can only allow it on my space world! :)
  4. Hi doesn't work well I'm afraid I'll see if I have time to back date it

    Already done :) worlds list in the config file
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  5. Please add a privilege:)
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  6. anyway to edit the damage?
  7. Not sure yet I'll see what I can do
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    Missile effects

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  9. permissions need!
  10. no permissions :)
  11. Which resource pack do you use in the video please?
  12. think that's minewars
  13. The plugin is very good! What is the name of the texture?
  14. Hi

    Thanks :)

    it’s minewars off PMC