blender import/export minecraft 1.8-1.9 model .json python script halp

Discussion in 'Programming' started by HERB_YELIAB, May 14, 2016.

  1. Does anybody know a python script to import/export .json for minecraft 1.9 format into the latest blender? the only ones I've found use raw data or an older minecraft version and a old blender version...

    If not, could one of you python wizzes whip one up for me (and all the other suffering animators)?
  2. I know Python, but sadly I don't know blender, so I can't help you D:
  3. Darn, It's up to some other kind soul to assist!
  4. I have found 3 json exporters and 1 json importer, but the importer is outdated and doesn't work. Of the 3 exporters, one just does raw json stuff, one doesn't export any elements, and the third, again, raw stuff that won't work for minecraft.

    It's up to any of you kind developers now. Thank you in advance
  5. I know this isn't exactly what you asked, but BD Craft's Cubik is specifically designed for modeling Minecraft items.
  6. I'm aware of bdcraft cubik, but I'm trying to import jsons for animations as well as I like the way blender handles voxelizations better. And for a few other reasons (perhaps including the black hole I call by wallet), blender just suits me better.