Block and Command(how do it?)

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  1. I wanted to know how I can do if a player interacts with a particular block, a command is launched?
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  2. You specified your location to be the USA. In that case, I assume that you can speak English and therefore I will advise you to ask your question in English so it gets answered faster (since more people can understand it).
  3. [QUOTE = "Trigary, post: 2547039, membro: 350074"] Hai specificato la tua posizione per essere Stati Uniti. In questo caso, suppongo che tu possa parlare inglese e pertanto vi consiglio di fare la tua domanda in inglese in modo da ottenere risposta più veloce (dato che più persone possono capirlo). [/ QUOTE]
    Ok thanks i have translated it so now they can all understand it do you have any idea for my quest?
  4. Listen for PlayerInteractEvent, check if the action is Action.LEFT_CLICK_BLOCK or Action.RIGHT_CLICK_BLOCK, do your other type checks etc, and if it's all true use player.performCommand("command here");
  5. Ok tk now I ask: how do I do that if a player passes over a block or crosses it: portals are tapped a command
  6. Listen for PlayerMoveEvent, check if from location is not the same as to location, get block under to location, then do your things.
  7. ah.. ok thanks

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