Block AutoLeave Hack

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  1. On some popular hacked clients there is a hack called "AutoLeave" (Wurst) or "AutoDisconnect." I browsed Wurst's source code and found that the AutoLeave hack works by putting § character into chat. I tried to use ChatControl to block this character and block Spigot from kicking the player for Illegal Characters in chat, it did not work.

    From what I can understand it uses this piece of code:
    Code (Text):
    .addToSendQueue(new CPacketChatMessage("§"));
    Is there a way to block this?
  2. Just Do it like a chat filter type deal when it has that chaertor in it then ban them
  3. Mr NocheatPlus has an anti-color chat.
    Go in the config and look for color - chat
    do the check off (it will let them try and fail )
    or ...... ban them for that , or....... get a disconect - punish plugin like NoCombatLog
    The tempban for running a command should be there.
  4. I've blocked it in chatcontrol. The hack does it via a packet
  5. What does the hack do exactly? What's the purpose?
  6. joehot200


    Antiaura bans players if their disconnect reason was due to invalid characters.
  7. Yeah thats how it works the aura