1.15.2 Block freecam?

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  1. Is there a way to block freecam?
  2. do you mean freely moving in spectator mode or pressing F5?
  3. Freecam is a hack which makes it so you can move around outside of your body sort of like spectator.
  4. I assume he means the 'Hack' that allows for spectator mode when using a Cheat Client.

    To my understanding, this is NOT a block-able hack, its purely client side, and not able to be stopped.
    Someone happily correct me if wrong, but I do believe it cannot be prevented.
  5. oh yeah in that case im with you guys: i dont see how that would be blockable because its happening clientside. pieces of the world are always downloaded to the client and there's no way of stopping a hacked client from viewing the downloaded data however it pleases

    if this is about players finding resources using cheating like freecam, you maybe instead want to look into putting an AI on your server that observes player behaviour and can warn you if a player maybe cheating (or better that: if a player is behaving un-usually)
  6. I believe some/many x-ray blocks will also affect the freecam too. Meaning the player can't really make use of the freecam for resources or underground activities.
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  7. Hmm, possibly detecting if a loading chunk is beyond the view-distance of the nearest player?
  8. md_5

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    Freecam doesn't let you do that
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  9. Not, directly?
    I mean, if the loading chunk is outside of the nearest player's view, then that player can be suspected?
  10. Well, you can combat some poorly made clients by teleporting the player to himself. But other than that, there's not much you can do to stop players from using freecam cheats.
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  11. Freecam only lets you change the position of your camera, but it doesnt move the player itself. if the player doesnt move = no additional chunks are loaded from the server
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  12. Orebfuscator has a config option to block freecam, but I don't know what it does or if it works.
  13. It makes blocks outside a player’s visible space garbage. So for instance if the player stands next to a cliff, then everythig on the other side of that cliff would becomes a mix of every block in the game, making free cam useless. It also hides chests that are not supposed to be visible.
  14. This, this is epic
  15. You cannot block freecam:
    Freecam is a client mod that moves the player without sending movement packets. It can't be detected server wise.

    What you can do:
    You could limit the chunk render distance so the player has to move a lot to render the chunks he/she wants to freecam around in as freecam is only limited to the chunks that are the player have loaded.

    You could also detect players that sneak very often at the same location with no head movement (although this could be bypassed fairly easily).
  16. For what purpose you wanna block a freecam? If your goal is preventing players seeing other players through walls, you can go the other way and after some logical checks, stop sending player packets to players who cannot see them. I remember that such a plugin already exists, but it is quite old: https://github.com/MkIIServer/NoMoreESP/releases

    However you can not block this exploit completely. It's impossible.