Block Glitch Fix?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by BackUpM10, Feb 23, 2020.

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  1. Hey so on my server players can just keep placing blocks and getting over walls that you are not supposed to get over. I've searched everywhere and I have not found a single plugin that fixes this.
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  2. give them adventure gamemode while they are in no-build region, problem solved
  3. Phoenix616

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    Any proper anti-cheat plugin should block that. (At least I know that NCP does block it)
  4. Put barrier blocks on the top? lol
  5. The place im trying to cover will take years to cover with barrier blocks lol.
  6. WorldEdit ?
  7. Ik I have worldedit
  8. im gonna go offtopic but does XMedia work 1.8?
  9. XMedia is not supporting 1.8 no.

    My plugins are mainly for later versions and current MC versions. I dont understand the reasoning behind using old MC versions.
    There are however plugins that do what XMedia does, for 1.8 already, so better of using those, for older MC versions.
  10. ok thanks im locking this thread now. Also 1.8 Is better for pvp and factions.
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