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Solved Block LAG.

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by archlinux, May 4, 2013.

  1. Well,

    Since 1.5.1 (builds above #771, can't tell exactly which build it started) we started to notice a kind of block lag when breaking blocks/signs while the server is at low TPS (about 13 TPS or less).

    I'm sorry I can't provide more information on this. I dunno even if it's an Spigot or bukkit issue. The thing is that we sticked with #771 due to this block lag issue and hopping it would be fixed on newer builds.

    Well, today we've updated to 1.5.2 #884 and the issue is still happening :(

    How to test:
    If you're running at low TPS you may test it by placing a dirt and then breaking it. The block will vanish for a split second, then appear again for a brief moment and then finally drop.

    Whish I could have tested it better before so I could point out the exact build it started happening. The thing I can say for sure is that the issue doesn't happen on #771, even if you're at a VERY LOW TPS (like 5 or 6).
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  2. EDIT:

    It's a spigot issue. I've just tested bukkit #2771. And even with my server load avg jumping from 6 to 34, and a very low TPS, we had no block lag at all :(


    Tested with netty disabled, same issue :\
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  3. I have the same issue
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  4. #849, same issue :\

    We're even considering switch to normal bukkit (oh god, pardon me) till it get fixed
  5. LiLChris

    LiLChris Retired Moderator

    How about trying to improve your TPS instead?
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  6. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    I have a feeling the posters will have a console full of errors!
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  7. no errors, just much players (~350) on survival world and everything works smoothly (players moving etc) except this and tnt exploding is 2x longer
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  8. I have the same problem, no errors in console. >300 players, ~13 TPS.
    Blocks lag only destroy by wooden/stone/iron pickaxe

    //Sorry for my english
  9. joehot200


    I would like to point out that if your systems cannot run 300 people without lag - you should not run 300 people. 6+ months ago, i had 120 people online, i dropped back down to 80, simply because my systems could not withstand it, hence it was massivley lagging.
    (That was before i switched to OVH).

    As for your error, I do not know if the map-send-interval is still in the bukkit.yml. If it is, try turning it up. On low TPS, it solved the issue for me.
  10. My server without problem maintains 300 players, only blocks lag on destroy by wooden/stone/iron pickaxe, even >15TPS . Diamond pickaxe all ok :)

    map-send-interval: 99999

    PS. On version 1.5.1 all worked
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  11. joehot200


    In other words, get 20 tps, but that there is also a spigot bug when you are below 20 TPS.
  12. Yes, I have the same issue on my server. I believe there are no excuses or Spigot to say it's something else, considering I have no errors in my console and all my plugins work fine. I also have 8 GB RAM dedicated to my server, I pay 129/monthly.
  13. Do you have orebfuscator enabled in your Spigot settings? I believe the obfuscation would be affected by your low TPS, which in turn would create 'block lag'. The block lag wouldn't appear with Bukkit, because it doesn't have the obfuscator.
  14. No, orebfuscator is off
  15. Indeed, not related to the native antixray.
  16. is a chance to fix ?
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  17. I'll tag md_5, as it does sound like a bug. However, I'd say it is a low priority issue given that it can be fixed by having the correct TPS.
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  18. #866, same issue :(