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  1. Hi, I have a creative server, and the people creates splash potions to troll others (like poison lvl 120, and all enchantments), they can create swords with 120lvl, but, I don't know how to block the potions.

    There is a plugin or similar?

    Sorry for my english

  2. These potions I believe are created with a /give command or with the use of command blocks so what I would do is basically block them from using the give command (use a permission plugin) and disable command blocks (in the properties)
  3. Damn, was looking for this plugin, but couldn't find it. So decided to give him the cheap way.

    Definitely go with the plugin told by @vk2gpz
  4. The server is creative, and the /give is now blocked, but they can multiply the potions.

    Any other plugin to block splash potions :(? I tried banitem but don't work

    I clear all the inventorys but there are chest with potions, how can I clear all the chests?
  5. How can they multiply? Just ban anybody who has those potions.
  6. All the people has got the potions
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