Block Protection Plugin - Help?

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  1. Hello!
    My name is Alex, and I am on the search for the perfect plugin. If any of you have suggestions for the plugin I am looking for then thanks in advance!

    Basic Plugin Concept:

    When you place down a certain block (configurable) it protects a certain area of land (also, configurable). This could be done with World Guard. Basically you place down a Diamond Block and it protects an area of land, lets say 20 blocks of land. There should be default flags made and a message system for when they place down the block. If they remove the block a message should pop up and the region/area should no longer be protected.

    Protection Stone's or Precious Stones are plugins that I do not want.

    A server by the name Iron Minecarts had a plugin exactly like this. It shut down a while back, but I also wanted the plugin. If anyone is willing to design it for me, PM me. If it is actually a plugin send me the link! Thanks in advance.
    Alex - IGN: Vexoris
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