Block Protection Plugins

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  1. What are your choices for block protections and why do you like that plugin(s) so much? Looking for a great plugin for a Survival server :p

    Edit: (For players to be able to protect their stuff)
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  2. Essentials and WorldGuard work fine if configured correctly.
  3. PlotMe is amazing for protecting blocks ;)
  4. Unfortunately, he's trying to run a survival server.
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  5. Saw that later when i already posted the reply :p
  6. Use GriefPrevention for a survival server. Its super easy, players can protect their land with a (configurable) item and you can give players claim blocks per permission or playtime. Players can also subdivide their claims and give others certain permissions. It's also super easy for players.
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  7. WorldGuard, can help you
  8. What do you guys think of RedProtect? (vs GriefProtection)
  9. I used both. RedProtect World is more powerful than GriefPrevention do. Only GriefPrevention is so much easier for (new) players. RedProtect however is a bit more complicated, but has a lot more features.
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