Spigot Block Regenerator 0.27

Block Regenerator is a simple plugin to restore broken blocks after a configured time.

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    Block Regenerator - Block Regenerator is a simple plugin to restore broken blocks after a configured time.

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  2. Hi,
    This works perfect.
    Some wishes..
    * Entegration with Kingdoms+. This is which i use for clans.
    * Entegration with Factions.
    * Ignored players or groups with perms.
    I'm planning to restore blocks once a week. So, should it be problem for a big survival map to restore too much blocks?
  3. I'd like it to work with Kingdoms+ as well. Also to ignore players or groups with permissions.
    I also want to restore blocks on my map so would it be a problem for a 10k x 10k map?

    I'm not totally sure how I want it but I'm working on an idea for my server so when players invade someone's kingdom any blocks broken during that time period will be restored afterwards. *And any blocks broken during that time period DO NOT drop the item to prevent duping/abuse*. To prevent TNT cannons from doing tons of damage and hopefully convince players to not make the ugly bases used in factions :p
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  4. Apologies for the late reply,

    In the next version of the plugin you should be able to restore 1 million+ blocks without any form of lag to the server (it may cause tiny amounts of lag to clients in the region of the block changes because of the amount of block changes) along with being able to remove the entities dropped by block breaking, and restoring entities killed by explosions. Also adding Kingdoms+ integration and factions integration.

    That amount of blocks shouldn't be too much of an issue for it, although it may cause a bit of lag, if you're unsure about it and don't want any damage to come from it (although none should happen) then wait for the next version.
  5. would it safe recources if you reduce the numbers of material tracked by the plugin? i only want a few blocks to be restored, (ores) so i am thinking about putting all other blocks on the blacklist.
  6. Not significantly I imagine, but if you want to only restore blocks then you have to add it to the material blacklist anyway
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  7. im using a world guard region so users can only break ores in the first place so it does not matter

  8. 1.10.2 please ...
  9. What's wrong with it on 1.10?
  10. how to setting to config yml .. i'am not understand please tutorial setting ...?
  11. What is it you don't understand?
  12. not work ... not restore in wordguard region ... ??
  13. Is there an error in your console?
  14. is this working for 1.12?
  15. I try in 1.11.2 work maybe 1.12 also work
  16. even newer block types? as this would be good if it worked in 1.12
  17. I do not know because I have not tried it in 1.12