Solved Block Shulker Boxes from going into enderchests

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  1. Hello I wanna block shulker boxes from going inside enderchests even if using hoppers, etc i just wanna block putting them in enderchests to prevent factions bases from being useless... So i tried all the plugins in this site and i give up...
  2. You into coding?
    If yes, InventoryClickEvent -> event is an ender chest? set event canceled

    If no, you have to find a suitable plugin or find a developer nice enough to develop a plugin for you
  3. I dont know shit about coding
  4. This is now the 5th topic of you you might solve by yourself either with learn to code java or with denizen, skript, etc.

    I do not know java but with denizen this is 5 lines of code ;)
  5. Here you go.

    2 things:
    1. Tested and working for 1.15.1 only
    2. This is a minimal solution that simply denies every interaction with Shulker boxes and ender chests. In other words: You can't put a Shulker box inside an ender chest, but you can't take a Shulker box from an ender chest either. Also, you can't interact with the Shulker box in your "normal" inventory while also looking inside an ender chest for the same reason

    command: /esb <on/off/info>
    esb.toggle to use that command defaults to op
    esb.place_shulker to be able to interact normally with Shulker boxes/ender chests, defaults to op

    do what you want with it

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  6. Yeah i tried using in 1.14.4 which is my server and didnt work
  7. Update to 1.15. You’re shooting yourself in the foot not updating from 1.14 to 1.15.
  8. Okay, this is the modified version for 1.14.4. It is possible that this doesn't work as well since I did not set up a 1.14 server myself, so if you'd check that for me, that would be great!

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  9. Ive searched everywhere how come no one thinks this is a problem ?
  10. Does it at least work?
  11. Doesnt work that plugin that you created doesnt even show up on /plugins
  12. But is there an error message?
    You tried the latter one?
  13. i tried both you sent, didnt check for error messages
  14. Nvm I know why it didn't work, it's cause I'm an idiot

    hol up a sec, I'll fix this
  15. Hopefully third time's the charm

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  16. Do you mean that you do not want players to put filled containers into EnderChest's?
    I could see that being a problem especialy for faction servers.

    That seems somewhat over restrictive. But I admire your enthusiasm to be helpful.
    How about disallowing any filled container from being placed into optional containers
    That could be able to prevent a filled container from entering a Hopper, or an EnderChest, or any other chosen inventory.
    Whilst allowing a filled container to be added or removed from the player inventory.
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  17. How has no server worried about this