Block TNT ignition by explosion

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  1. Hi,

    is there any way to re-write blockList() in EntityExplodeEvent ?

    I'm trying to write a small fix for TNT for my server and want allow players to explode TNT with block destruction but without TNT explosion if additional blocks of TNT will be placed around.

    I have some experience in plugin development... but.. very small :(
    WG's feature (event.blockList().clear()) is not applicable... but maybe it still can be useful in my situation ?
  2. Sure thing, you can get the blockList from the event


    Or you can loop through them and remove specific ones
    Set<Block> removed = new HashSet<Block>();

    for(Block b:e.getBlockList())
    If(b.getType == Material.SAND)


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  3. Thnx very much, i'll try this :)

    Thanx u for your help, it really works! ;)
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