1.8.8 BlockBurnEvent (get igniting block)

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  1. I need to cancel the BlockBurnEvent and remove the igniting block (fire) but in this version theres no .getIgnitingBlock() so any ideas of how to achieve this as efficient as possible?
  2. You've three options.
    1. Updating to 1.15.2
    2. Backporting the API to 1.8
    3. Looking into NMS
  3. I never worked with NMS before, where I should start?
  4. Ok your problem. 1.8.x isn't supported anymore. Everything below 1.14.4 isn't supported anymore.
  5. 1. If it is not supported any more why I'm able to create post of 1.8.8.
    2. Why do you waste your time replying to "unsuported versions" posts?
  6. To inform users that you are using 1.8.8
    Why do people "waste time" helping other people on the forum?
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  7. NMS is something tricky to get into, but it's easy to understand. I would recommend doing some googling and looking around, getting a grasp of what it stands for and what it's used for before trying any code out. Here is a tutorial I found you can try out
  8. That doesn't makes any sense becouse if it is an "unsupported version" why would you let people ask for support from it. This will only end up in comments from people saying that it is an unsupported version.
    He was not really helping.
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  9. Thanks, I already checked that tutorial but I cant find anything related with burning blocks and nms.