Spigot BlockHighlight 1.0.1

Highlight blocks, create animations from it

  1. ArtFect submitted a new resource:

    BlockHighlight - Highlight blocks, create animations from the highlights

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  2. Good idea for WE/WG region selection, explanation:
    New "visual.yml" config in WE/WG folder that contains some options:
    (uses specific animations for each part, only single block animations available, empty or non existing values for disabling part highlight)
    marker1: "glowpoint" (for first point of region)
    marker2: "glowpoint" (for second point of region)
    outline: "greenzone" (for edges of region)
    fill: [] (for everything else)

    Idk about highlight for polygon or cylinder selection types XD
  3. There's a problem:
    "/bh stop" don't work correctly for animations in "repeat-animations:" list.
    "always-hide-behind-blocks:" option don't work correctly for texts.
    multiple worlds animation being disabled - needs copying that animation as new one, but for each world
    - "otg_example"
    - "world"
    ([BlockHighlight] No world with name '[otg_example, world]' was found, animation 'example' was not loaded!)

    There's idea:
    placeholders support for animation options
    " ~ ~3 ~, #000000, 255, , 800" (highlight block above player position)
    " * *-2 *, #999999, 128, , 800" (highlight block lower player's hover position)
    "10 ~ -80, #RR0000, 200, ?, 900" (use random color value for red channel)

    There's question:
    how to configure multi-line text?
    how to make mini-offset for text or change his size?
  4. /bh stop should stop animation from repeating?

    This debug thing has a lot of limitations (or at least I couldn't overcome them):
    • Text cannot be multi-lined. Only one line per block
    • Text can't be with an offset (however you can make a horizontal offset by inserting spaces in the text. But center of text will not change, of course)
    • Text cannot be hidden behind blocks
    • Text size cannot be changed
    Displaying regions with this feature probably does not fit the theme of this plugin. It should be a separate plugin
    Thanks for other suggestions. Maybe I will do it soon
  5. sure, i mean this...

    idea with blacklisted worlds list looks better, so animations will be possible in any world except non-empty blacklist.
    - "world_nether"
  6. I need universal option for various situations:
    coming from "always-hide-behind-blocks:" option, i think about possibility to configure that separately for each animation,frame,block...
    world: 'otg_example'
    - "5 64 -1, #990000, 80, &k?, 1000, true(enable "always-hide-behind-blocks:" option for current block)"

    OR change "always-hide-behind-blocks:" option like animations list with 'true' value:
    - "example"
    - "test"
    these animations will be displayed with enabled "always-hide-behind-blocks:" mode...

    OR new argument for "/bh run [name] [player] [-x]" command, wtih variant: "/bh run example all -x
    (always-hide-behind-blocks: option enabled only for current run, but as default - without [-x] argument will be false)"
  7. There is already such an option, but I forgot to tell about it in the post
    In the animation, you can insert "hide-behind-blocks 1000". This will hide the highlights behind the blocks for 1000ms
    For example:
    - "0 64 0, #37db97, 100, , 800"
    - "hide-behind-blocks 1000"
    - "2 64 0, #37db97, 100, , 800"

    Hiding works for all highlights. Even from other animations. It cannot be done for a specific block unfortunately
    This "hiding" by the way just sends "0 0 0, #000000, 0, , 1000". When any non-empty text is sent, for some reason, the highlighted blocks begin to hide behind the blocks
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  8. This is an amazing find.
  9. Any idea if this was patched in 1.17?
  10. LoneDev


    No, it still works in 1.17.1