Blocking Certain IPs

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  1. Many of you know, you can connect to a letter or a number IP. I know how to use forced hosts, but I want players that connect with a number IP to be kicked and it to say 'use letter ip' I do not want to have another server running for this either.

    For example:
    user joins with -> accepted
    user joins with -> denied with custom kick message
  2. I don't think that's possible since the letter IP redirects you to the number IP
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  3. I tested it with forced hosts, and I can make the number ip go to one server and the letter to another, but I don't want the number to go to a server, I want to to get kicked.
  4. OnlyProxyJoin will help you with that. But if the IP is also the Domain then I am 100% sure it's not possible. Although if you want them connecting to your Bungee which is yourdomain:25565 and you dont want them to connect to the hub manually You will use OnlyProxyJoin on the hub and in the config you will insert the IP you want them to join from.
    Example: Hub IP is Mydomain:1
    BungeeIP: MyDomain:25565.
    Insert OnlyProxyJoin into Hub making it unable to join anything other than: MyDomain
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  5. I know this is possible with the HTTP protocol, however I think it's not possible with Minecraft protocol.
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  6. Add a server use onPlayerJoinEvent kick player with your reason. Add forced host
  7. Is this a plugin, because I know nothing about coding a plugin.