Blocking fly in regions

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  1. Hi,
    I tried using NoFlyZone and a few other plugins but I have two regions, there is spawn where I want to allow users to fly and warzone.
    Warzone covers over the spawn region so it doesn't let users fly in spawn.

  2. Could you please explain the problem in detail as well as what you want to accomplish. For example, is "warzone" a region or a faction claim? Also, if I'm correct you could set the region priority (of the spawn) to the highest so NoFlyZone can understand which region should be checked first.
  3. Warzone is a region. How do I set the priority?
  4. xXSquidMcXx

    You set the priority by using the command (assuming you are using WorldGuard):
    /region setpriority <region> <int>
    the higher int the higher priority the region will be meaning if you have 2 regions at the same location and both have pvp allow and the other deny then the higher priority will work. By default the regions with deny will work first.
  5. Cheers.
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  7. I've not tested it yet. So I don't know if it's solved.