Universal BlockMcLeaks | For Spigot and BungeeCord 1.0 (OBSOLETE)

Prevent players from joining via McLeaks server.

  1. TheAslera submitted a new resource:

    BlockMcLeaks | Bungee / Spigot - Prevents players from joining via McLeaks server.

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  2. To inform you, mcleaks is still active.
  3. It is not:
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  4. They use a downloader now.
  5. It only downloads some leaked plugins, not the server.
  6. Quote from mcLeaks:

    "This does not affect our website, only our minecraft-server. MCLeaks - Downloader has been released. https://mcleaks.net/downloader. Video coming soon!|
  7. My plugin is only supposed to block McLeaks' server.
  8. I have misread a part. But it seems that they are still active.
  9. They are still active, but there is nothing bad for server owners :)
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  10. Okay, thanks for the info ;)
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  11. Can you make a plugin that will block this client from being crashing your server by sending alot of packets to your server.
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  12. I tested it on my weak server and it did nothing, only the client disconnected.
    Unless you record a video proof (a video from the creator of this cheat isn't enough for me), this is not a problem.
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  13. I made a video where I am crashing my own server with proclient
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  14. Sorry I don't really have time to work on this, but I know a plugin called ViaVersion (it allows 1.9 clients to connect to a 1.8 server) that contains a packet limiter, so it blocks this kind of plugin.
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