Spigot BlockMeta 1.0

Keep ItemMeta when you place and pick up a block!

  1. This is my first official plugin for Spigot. It's an original idea I came up with while browsing the forums. Let me know what you think!

    BlockMeta - Keep ItemMeta when you place and pick up a block!

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  2. Could you describe how it works ? SQLite DB or the meta is still stored in the BlockState ?
    Thanks. ;)
  3. The meta is being stored as a MetadataValue for the block. I also save everything using a configuration file currently, but I have plans to make it better if people show an interest in it.
  4. Well. I have an interest here ;)
    I see that it's fully working, loving it.
  5. Yup, the only thing I haven't tested is the single command, but it should work. I'm glad at least one person enjoys it though, that makes me feel better about it :)
  6. Runs fine since 2 weeks, about replace my hand-made SQL plugin to store skull lore wich seems not suported but i'll watch the code, so I'm happy with this plugin ;)
  7. Ah yes, it current only works with the ItemMeta on an ItemStack. I could make it so it's able to transfer custom information from Metadata, but I won't make it available per plugin, so any plugin that uses it will need to adhere to that of storing the data. Then it'll be as simple as editing the configuration file with the custom plugin metadata key. If you'd like to discuss it, add my Skype qatell.programming.

    Thanks for the donation too! Even the smallest amount helps me out right now :)
  8. Well after some researches, too many data is stored for skulls.
    And the lore is not restored on destroy :/

    Could you watch to fix this ? Thanks :)

    PS : You're welcome for the donation, as I feel to be the only one enjoying this plugin :p