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  1. There is a developer who is interested in making a plugin for BlockParty?
    Autorul care detine plugin-ul actual nu il mai actalizeaza,si mai sunt destule lucruri de adaugat pentru ca acesta sa poate fi jucabil.De preferat ar fi ca acesta sa fie premium ( banii poate l-ar motiva pe dezvoltator )
  2. You should list more details and about the price you are willing to pay.
  3. 5-10 USD
    That is a very bad plugin(a lots of bugs )
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  4. Well, it works for me. You have to configure it on a 1.7 server and then it works on an 1.8
  5. Nu te astepta la cine stie ce banano =]]] nu cred ca va face cineva asta
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    English please.
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  7. Sorry. It was a message for banana. He understands. :p
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    This is an English speaking forum and also a rule to use it when talking in public forums. I don't understand and that was enough reason for me to say it. :p