Spigot BlockParty

Now including a web player!

  1. Andre_601


    /bp admin lists the admin commands twice

    Well... At least the /bp admin
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  2. Andre_601


    Also received this error:

    Edit: This error happens when I set a join sign and enter a invalid arena name (making the sign drop)

    Also, Signs don't work. I created an arena, set everything up, enabled it and yet the sign doesn't update and I can't join when I right-click it.
  3. Thank you for letting me know. Gonna have to do some testing with paper mc. I am going to keep you updated.
  4. Yes. You need to configure it in the config.yml

    I have just uploaded a hotfix. So if you want to have your signs working, please re-download version
  6. Andre_601


    I still receive the same error that the arena couldn't be loaded.

    Could a reason be that the arena is in a world managed by the plugin ReWorld, which loads their worlds pretty late on server startup (After your plugin tries to load the file)
  7. Oh yeah. Thats probably it. You don't have to wait for the next update of BlockParty. Just add ReWorld to the softdepend list of BlockParty. It could be working. Can't really test it
  8. Andre_601


    I'll probs just switch to Multiverse Core since ReWorld is trash...
  9. Andre_601


    It seems to work now that I use Multiverse.
    I'll PM you something that might be interesting...
  10. In 1.14.4 signs don't change and don't display the format in the config.yml
  11. My game chat format doesn't work. Even after unloading EssentialsChat, I only see <DJJasper12> Message. Can you help me out?
  12. Andre_601


    Does BlockParty even manage/format the chat?
  13. Nope
  14. It is going to be fixed in the next version!
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  15. Hey, I have two questions:

    1. What does this option do?
    Code (Text):
      enabled: true
      yourBlockpartyWebsite: http://bp.hiraethmc.eu
    I have set it to true and fully reloaded the server. But I see nothing different.

    2. I have set my arena to this
    Code (Text):
      AutoRestart: false
      AutoKick: true
    It doesn't kick all the players, (1 player always stays in the game) and the game starts counting down to the new start automatically.

    Can someone help me fixing these two things?
  16. Andre_601


    This might be a bit of a big request, but how about adding support for OpenAudioMC?
    That way could the server owner add custom songs that are played through the OAM Web-client and BlockParty would pauses it at the required moments...
    Would imo make this plugin even more amazing and kind of unique. I thought about a use for OpenAudioMC and this plugin would be perfect for this.
  17. Andre_601


    Would it be possible to add a placeholder like %blockparty_status_<game>% to show the status of a specific <game>?

    I would love to use this on a tablist when the player is in the server.
  18. I am going to have a look at it.

    Sure. Probably included in the next update.
  19. 1. Where did you make these settings?

    2. Working on it.
  20. Can I also disable the dead when you win? Most skins are not rendered very well because of colors and it looks kinda messy
    upload_2019-9-15_19-15-31.png upload_2019-9-15_19-15-46.png
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