Spigot BlockParty

Now including a web player!

  1. Andre_601


    BlockParty doesn't have any support for join signs on separate servers... You would need a separate plugin doing this (sadly).
    I try to get it to work on my network too, but things like that the plugin kicks you from the server instead of just sending you back to another server (like every decent plugin does) is a huge issue for me.
  2. Yeah, for some reason the game doesn't stop and auto restart when the player dies (this only happens when one person is playing it). So I think Leon would just need to implement support for just one player.
  3. Hello, I test your plugin and I have big drops of TPS (16) .. it is not playable ... I understand not
    I have a good server even with only one player on the LAG server
  4. what are the specifications of your server?
  5. Heberger Server at Verygame
    tip 1.13.2
    6 GB of RAM
    I test another blockparty plugin that works but your not :( I prefer yours!
  6. Awesome plugin! I was just wondering if you could add a feature which would randomize or put the player in a vacant BlockParty Game with a command sort of like '/bp join' or something. Thanks :D
  7. Also, can you please make it so that we can customize what leave/vote items we can use during the game? Sorry for asking for so much, it's just such an awesome plugin and it's very difficult to find other plugins that are as good as this one xD. Also the scoreboard flickers a lot.
  8. Andre_601


    1.15 was just released a few days ago. Show some patience.
  9. Can you add the ability to hit each other? Also the ability to choose the item to hit the other players with, as well as the leave and vote items.
  10. It works great, but when will there be an update for 1.15.1?? I loved using this previously, but can we make it so when the game is over that the player goes back to the hub server or server of our choosing?
  11. Can we get an update on the status of this plugin? It's incredibly broken in 1.15.1.
  12. @Leon167 is there going to be a 1.15.1 update??
  13. Working on it right now!

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    #94 Leon167, Mar 20, 2020
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  15. Hi, wie weit ist eine neue Version?
  16. Servus, konnte heute erst wieder mit dem Programmieren anfangen, da ich davor noch für die letzten Prüfungen des Semester lernen musste. Für die Versionen 1.15.x schaut es bisher ganz gut aus. Muss nur noch getestet werden
  17. Das Plugin wird aber weiterhin 1.8 unterstützten oder?
  18. Make sure this section is in your main config:
    Code (YAML):
    # Use "MySQL" to enable MySQL, "SQL" to store data locally
    : SQL

    # Tables will have this prefix in front of the name
    : "bp_"
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