Spigot BlockPlugins 1.1

Want to block /pl /plugins and /? from theives on your server trying to steal plugins, it's here!

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    BlockPlugins (version 1.0) - Want to block /pl /plugins and /? from theives on your server trying to steal plugins, it's here!

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  2. This is completely useless. There's no such thing as "stealing plugins". Most plugins are publicly available on BukkitDev. If you're that scared of copiers, just make your own plugins and the problem is solved.
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  3. People sometimes want to cover their plugin names for some reasons so I decided to make it :I
    People also want to cover the /? so people don't find out the plugin name, commands, description of the command, etc...
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  4. This can be done with permissions, adding a plugin to block the list of plugins is just stupid.
  5. Ik but some people don't actually know how to do that so decided to make one for server owners who are new ;-;
  6. But this is spigot, all smart server owners are here, except that one guy who shall not be named.
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  7. Darn, I want to know.
    In all seriousness this is kind of just another plugin with like no functionality except one command, which can be fixed with essential plugins.
  8. $100
  9. Yeah lols forget about this project nvm was a pretty useless plugin ;P - I was going to make a config where if someone does /plugins it'll give them a custom message :3
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    tell me naooo
  11. Sorry, I only accept monopoly money. Virtual money has no worth whatsoever.
  12. snfhfhef0ejfuer
    /pay LaxWasHere MonoplyMoneis 100.01
    Keep the change
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  14. Hey there mate, 1 question, would you mind adding /bukkit:help and /bukkit:? to the list..?
    They are still able to view the plugins that way, if they know the command, that is. But still, I'd rather not risk it so, would you mind doing that?
  15. It doesn't seem to block the command /plugins for version 1.8.8. It blocks /? and /pl though.

    It would be nice to have a config.xml for add custom commands to block.

    I would love to use this if it was updated.