Solved BlockPosition NMS missing?

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  1. I'm updating plugin to 1.17, but it seems like Mojang has changed BlockPosition NMS. So there is no such thing as net.minecraft.server.v1_17_R1.BlockPosition (Which was working well on 1.16). Anyone know how to fix this? How they changed BlockPosition?
  2. 1.17 NMS mappings changed. BlockPosition is now at net.minecraft.core.BlockPosition
  3. Thanks! How do you know this? Where are such informations about NMS?
  4. It was in the main 1.17 update thread. And since my plugin heavily relies on NMS, I need to keep up with it.

    Mojang obfuscation mappings can be found here. Some things won't be named the same way because there's also spigot mappings, but that's just the nature of NMS with spigot, it isn't official API. The 1.17 update thread also provides instructions to use the deobfuscated NMS fields and methods.
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