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    BlockRegen - BlockRegen

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  2. I do like the idea for this plugin, but can i ask if it is capable of directly restoring al the blocks from tnt,creeper,... impact.
    And how it then will affect the server performances? Will you be adding permissions in the near future so an admin (no op) can destroy blocks without them regen.
  3. All blocks regen the creeper explosion don't affect regen too. I will add a permission for admins for the future.
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  5. I have been looking for something like the creeperheal plugin. We really need that nowadays, as it seems to be no other out there.

    Personally, I am not looking for an instant "put-block-back", but a plugin that regenerates exploded blocks (all blocks, even chests and content) over time. Maybe it's adjustable, like start "rollback" after 30seconds, f.ex - and then a slow, or quick rollback.

    Haven't found that anywhere (that works with new Spigot)

    Would be great if this plugin developed in that direction! :)
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  6. Exact same situation here! I might just use this plugin as CreeperHeal is causing a lot of lag issues.
  7. If you could make this work on intervals that would make my day and I would even pay for it then cuz I'm rather desperate :D
  8. Can u make it work for farms?