Spigot Blocks To Commands v5.0.0-beta.6

Allows player to assign a command to any block in-game | Make any block run a command!

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    Block Commands - Allows player to assign a command to any block in-game.

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  2. This looks like a very useful plugin. I've seen another that does something similar but it is very old. The old bukkit plugin "CommandSigns", seen here - https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/command-signs?gameCategorySlug=bukkit-plugins&projectID=37306 - is extremely powerful and quite a few versatile features. However CS appears to be broken with 1.12, according to some comments.

    A suggestion to you, would be to emulate that plugin for 1.12. Your Block-to-Command plugin is useful, and the ability to remotely remove a command-bound block (/btc <name> remove) is awesome, but it lacks the power and versatility to make it truly shine. I will be watching this plugin now though...has a lot of potential as a 1.12 replacement for CS!
  3. Thank you very much for taking the time and delivering constructive criticism in order for me to improve the plugin.
    I will be taking a in-depth look at the CS plugin to get ideas from it and implement new features in my plugin!

    Have a wonderful day!
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  5. No problem! Good idea adding the variables and the list command. Another recommendation, since your plugin has remote capabilities, is to add a Nearby command, to detect Command-bound blocks near the player. Something like /btc near 10 (lists nearby Blocks within 10m of player). This would be beneficial for Operators looking for nearby Blocks they have forgotten the exact location of, or have placed accidentally. With CS I've accidentally set a block many times and had to click around to find it.

    Another suggestion, directed at variables, is the ability to use custom variables defined in the config file. I know this is likely more complicated, but would be exceptionally useful for hooking into other plugins that are able to use variables in-game. Likewise the ability to hook it into a scoreboard variable would be insanely useful to mapmakers, RPG servers, arenas, etc.
  6. A suggestion as a sort of redundancy for the bug that deletes all the blocks...
    If it is file-related, as in the file that stores all the blocks is being overwritten, have it make a backup file of all the blocks every hour or so, overwriting previous backups. That way if something was to happen, the backup file (simply a copy of the storage file with a different name) can be used to restore all lost blocks. Alternatively, if it happens in-game, but a cap on how often a block can be deleted (once per second) This way servers may still lose blocks if such a bug occurs, but it dramatically reduce the number of blocks that get erased.

    On a side note, a config option to disable the shift-click-to-delete behavior would be useful. Some situations would make this behavior very bad, such as mini-games, even if only OP players are able to delete blocks in that manner.

    This plugin is looking good!
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  7. Will do!
    Thanks once again!
  8. Can you do that for items on his hand? I mean, i want ppl get one stone (per example) and when they press right click they use the command /craft (per example)